Brave Review About The Features Of Brave Browser

Review About The Features Of Brave Browser

There have been several browsers throughout the history of the world wide web, with each being more promising than the last. Google Chrome has been one of the most well known browsers since its debut in 2008. It is still the most used browser world wide with 42% of total users all around the world with Safari coming second with 14%.

Without a doubt, Google Chrome seems to be the “go to” browser for the majority of internet users. May it be for its reliable speed, and simplicity making it user-friendly. Well of course not all things are as good as it seems.

Google Chrome is known for quite a few downsides, which includes privacy issues. Their collection of your personal data is what makes them show you specific advertisements based on your activity on the browser. Your activities on the said browser is also linked to your Google account making it easier for them to track you down from multiple angles.

With that being said, it makes you want to find a more secure browser. This is where Brave Browser comes in. A fairly new browser that provides the same speed and reliability as the top browsers in the industry , but also provides the necessary privacy the users yearn for.

What is a Brave Browser?

Brave Browser

Brave is a fairly new browser which was initially released in November 2019 and is created by the co-founder of Brave Software and creator of JavaScript, Brendan Eich.

Brave is an open-source internet browser which does all the functions of your regular browser like, allowing you to navigate to different websites, access the social media, play online games, download/upload data and many more.

Similar to mainstream browsers out there, it is totally free to download. Its main feature is to provide privacy and a fast browsing experience to its users. Brave do this by collecting the site authentication information and block the advertisement from appearing on the websites you visit.

How did Brave started?

In May of 2015, Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript and former CEO of Mozilla Corporation, alongside co-founder Brian Bondy established Brave Software. It is said that Eich initially pitched the idea of what Brave would actually become. They basically wanted to develop a browser that is faster and more secure with its users’ privacy.

It was in 2016 when they initially launched the very first version of Brave with an ad-blocking feature. They’ve also announced features such as the revenue sharing program and a privacy-respecting ad feature.

After 4 years of trials and test-versions of the browser, Brave finally launched a stable release of version 1.0 in November 2019. Brave made sure to keep privacy and safety at the forefront when it was introduced. With its introduction, Brave showcased two of its most endearing features; the ad-blocking technology and its own cryptocurrency which we will be talking about in a second.

Right now, Brave has currently more than 8 million active users with 3 million active users on a daily basis.

Why is Brave necessary?

As mentioned earlier, Brave made sure to focus more on its ad-blocking technology, ensuring the users’ privacy while using Brave. But why is it important? Well advertising has been one of the largest contributors to website owners and online creators’ incomes. Advertising feeds off of engagement meaning the more engagement they get from a user, the more advertisements coming in thus more profit. This flaw of the internet has led to a move to privacy-invasive nature of the advertising system thus affecting not only the users’ experiences but also their security as well.

How does advertisements work? Advertisements assure effectiveness by targeting itself towards its audience. An ad about anything that is sports related won’t be really useful to someone who’s not really into sports, or an ad about makeup won’t interest a viewer who is a middle aged man working in an office. In order for these ads to be sent to their respective demographics, advertisers build up a virtual profile of you by tracking your web activities. This enables them to hone in on what is your likes or dislikes. In other words, they are looking at your every move. That may seem harmless at first but as time goes by, the tracking techniques that some advertisers use to do this has become more and more invasive to a point where you can safely say that the users’ privacy are being exploited for their own gains.

Online advertising is no joke. Revenues from advertisements can total up to billions especially for the company that made the browser that you use. It is so sad that the more money a business venture offers, ethical behavior seems to fade into the background in pursuit for larger profit.

In addition, due to the intensive tracking that a browser does, it is increasingly becoming slower. No to mention the intrusive ads that take a while to load. Slow loading is not really something an internet user appreciates.

Don’t get me wrong, many people have noticed this and how harmful it’s becoming. Some have rebelled against these but its hard to battle a literal giant so some have just had to resort to completely blocking data-collecting trackers which is now where Brave comes into play.

In comes Brave.

Brave is well known for its aggressive nature against online advertisements. You don’t really need to install data-blockers because it is already built within Brave browser.

Again, most advertisers would want to try and track your every move in order to identify you. Brave blocks this data tracking for you and with that gone, it will now allow you to browse freely and safely knowing that none of your personal data is being collected and exposed to the sites that you visit. Other than that, your browsing experience would improve drastically. By eliminating ads and ad trackers, Brave retrieves less data allowing it to perform faster than any browser. In fact, according to Brave’s internal testing, the Brave web browser loads major websites six times faster than Chrome, Safari, and Firefox on both mobile and desktop. But of course let’s not ignore the fact that the top browsers also block ads but none has gone as far as Brave.

It goes without saying that Brave isn’t necessarily an ad-free browser. While it is clear that it blocks ads and ad trackers, Brave also has a way to provide a replacement ecosystem for those that it has blocked. It is not yet 100% completed but Brave Software had made progress in implementing it.

The way Brave does this is that it bypasses ads trackers and will scrub sites of ads in which they would replace it with its own advertising system. These ads are not individually targeted but rather aimed at the anonymous collection of its user database.

The BAT’s or the “Basic Attention Tokens”

Earlier we’ve mentioned cryptocurrency as one of the forefront of what Brave browser is. Brave has developed Brave rewards and the BATs or the “Basic Attention Tokens” as a compensation to the lost revenue due to the huge amounts of ads that have been blocked.

The only downside to Brave’s aggressive ad blocking is that it may have an effect to those websites and publishers who solely rely on adverts for their income. That is why Brave rewards and BATs are important. These cryptocurrency are awarded to a website based on a user’s attention to it.

So basically, rather than making its users click on adverts, Brave would just calculate the amount of engagement you give on a certain website you visit. Every once a month, the Brave Rewards program would directly compensate the websites that you’ve visited. You can also tip the creators you support directly yourself as well. By agreeing to receive ads, a user will receive BATs to which they can use to support the creators and sites they genuinely like.

Let it be known that Brave does not force this system to its users so it is by default turned off so you have the option to use it or just leave it untouched. Just know that your BATs won’t just be for tipping your favorite creators but maybe in the future, it can also be used in more ways such as gift cards, flight bookings, vouchers, etc.

Why switch to Brave?

Now with all that being said, are you not convinced yet? Well really that was a lot of information to take in and most of us are probably used to the browsers that we are using right now. Let me just simplify so you can fully grasp why you should be at least considering using Brave browser.

Firstly, Brave offers you an ad-free experience. Just a reminder that even if Brave blocks all ads and replaces it with their own, you can choose to accept these ads in return for BATs but until you make that choice, you’re left browsing freely and ad-free. This would just make your experience so much better by completely removing all malicious and annoying ads as well as preventing you from being tracked by ad-trackers. Any ad you may encounter while browsing with Brave is sure to be free from tracking and malware eliminating harm. Rest assured that Brave takes full responsibility to its users’ privacy.

Second is that Brave proves to you that your right to privacy matters. Not only does it block ad trackers that might look into your every move, but it also protects your personal data that these trackers might get a hold on. Brave incorporates HTTPS almost everywhere. For all of you who don’t know, the S added in the HTTP is an SSL encryption certificate which assures the safety of wherever the site you are on. It guarantees users would be browsing safely in a protected environment.

Next is Brave offers faster browsing experience. It is for certain that Brave performs way better than other browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and many more. Thanks to its patented ad-blockers, Brave does not allow third party ads to pop which in turn, there would be no need to retrieve excess data making sites load so much faster compared to those that bombard you with so many ads. This results in less download of the content which in turn boosts the browsing speed. Isn’t that amazing?

Last but certainly not the least is that Brave promotes an open web for all its users and it encourages a new vision on the modern internet. The web will be much more secure, fast and user-friendly as well.

How to Install Brave?

So maybe now you are convinced to switch to Brave, you may now be asking, “How would I install it?” Well to tell you frankly, installing Brave browser is just as easy as other browsers. Trust me, installation would only take minutes. Here’s what you’re going to do. Did I also mention that it’s free?

  1. Download the secure installation on Brave’s official support website
  2. Once downloaded, click the .exe file and proceed to installing it to your device.
  3. Once that’s complete, you’re ready to go and enjoy faster and safer browsing.

Installing Brave on MAC just requires a few additional steps but trust me, it won’t make it any harder.

  1. Download the suitable version for your Apple computer on Brave’s official support website
  2. Once downloaded, open the file
  3. Take the Brave file and move it to the applications folder
  4. Open Brave
  5. Open Finder
  6. Click the ‘Eject’ button located on the sidebar

Voila! It’s that easy. After those few easy steps you can now enjoy browsing freely and confidently without having to fear for your privacy being exploited.

Final Thoughts

Browsing is a part of any person’s daily routines; may it be for working or just simply alleviating boredom and most of us doesn’t even know the harm of having a browser tracking your every activity on the internet. With this proper knowledge, hopefully you’re now aware of how much we as users are risking on the daily just by using the wrong browser.

Picking the right one that doesn’t track your internet activities is not just a band-aid solution, it is also good for the long run because your security must not be something that should be disregarded.

There’s one more thing before we end this. We’ve seen browsers come and go through the years. We’ve seen the height of the Internet Explorer and we’ve seen how Firefox basically took the spotlight for quite some time. The same thing happened when Chrome entered the scene making it the top browser up to this day. It begs the question, “Would Brave be the next top browser?”

The answer might not be for certain but it is promising. Given all of its perks, Brave may be the future of browsing. Brave is still fairly new and still in active development so the possibilities for this browser is endless. The only thing left to do now is for you to try it and test it yourself. There’s not a moment to lose so be out there and be free. Be Brave.

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